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It is no longer such a huge problem to choose an office sofa that will meet all your requirements, be washable or breathable, fit into the modern interior, and take care of your spine. The design tendencies have changed over the decades but one thing remained the same — quality office items define the status of their owner.

The Dilemma of Traditional Office Furniture

The most striking example of unproductive work is the cubicle office. Finding colleagues in such boxes significantly affects both the process of creating new ideas and worsens the personal health of each of them, reduces the level of comfort, and weakens the team spirit.

There is another option for arranging furniture, when everyone is sitting in the same office, each at their table and there are no partitions. The furnishings of traditional offices are not designed to encourage creativity. By standardizing workplaces with the most affordable, unattractive furniture, the company makes their office look like thousands of others and there is nothing unique in it. When the heads decide to purchase modern office sofas, they step on the way to attracting more creative thinking people. !

A standard table and a chair is a trivial approach to work on the part of each subordinate. For the entire team to show productiveness as a whole, it is necessary to create an environment where colleagues can freely discuss work issues or their ideas, and make sure that each employee can retire at any time to focus on their specific task. Sofas are great functional furniture pieces that can be used to arrange such relaxation zones as well as be placed at the entry.

The Uniqueness of the Company's Style

The ability to gather unique people into your team is vital if you want to grow and be in the vanguard of your professional sphere. Modern office sofa designs will help you stand out from other companies. For example, everyone's familiar coffee table can be replaced with very interesting models offered by modern furniture manufacturers. You can also replace your usual desktop with a kind of laptop stand, and put a comfortable soft sofa next to it. This can be a good alternative to the traditional workplace.

Aspects to Pay Attention to When Choosing an Office Sofa

It's no secret that the offices of some of the most successful companies like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft are devoid of boring cubicles, desks, and office chairs. A boring office doesn't retain creative people. If the company's priority is the implementation of new and unique ideas, then choosing the right furniture is one of the first tasks that should be taken up when opening a new office.

Kulik System online store and its catalog provide a huge selection. In order not to get confused, here are a few key points to take into account when choosing a perfect sofa for your office.


Individual order for office headsets is a solution for risky people. Young firms can sell a product of a quality that will leave a lasting impression in the bad sense of the word. Choose factory products: a guarantee from the manufacturer, a low price — because the manufacturer purchases materials wholesale, which reduces the cost of products — and the ability to quickly receive an order. Keep in mind whether you choose a sofa for your home office or a company that will reimburse costs. If your budget is enough, you should not economize on your spine health.

Materials and assembly

Three main materials are relatively chip but still suitable for a contemporary office sofa production: chipboard, glass, and natural wood. The last two options serve you as great alternatives for luxury designer furniture while still providing you with functionality and ergonomics. Wooden and glass furniture are durable and reliable, so they will serve as long as possible.

Chipboard is an inexpensive and profitable material that allows you to spend a minimum of money on the design of offices for employees. The presence of certificates for the material is an additional bonus. They will ensure the environmental friendliness of the purchased furniture. Today, the normal eco-indicators for chipboard are E0 and E1 emission classes.

The number of employees

The design and size of the room are the main factors influencing the selection of the right office furniture sofa. One person needs 3 m² for comfortable work. This is the ideal size for your workspace to accommodate your equipment and everything you need to be productive. Consider these factors when calculating the number of places for work. And do not forget about the possible expansion of the company: if you plan to hire more employees in the future, it is better to take care of their workplaces in advance so that they have enough space.

You can check the availability of any model, read about the essential characteristics of our office sofas for sale, and see more images on our site. You can also make an online purchase or check the offline store addresses. Inexpensive and fast delivery from our warehouses in Kyiv is possible throughout the country or abroad. We are proud to guarantee the high quality of all products purchased from us. For all questions regarding the sale of office furniture, payment, and delivery, warranty service, or the characteristics of specific products, please contact us. Just order a call back on the website — and we will contact you as soon as possible to help you choose the best sofa for office reception, at-home office, or a large and diverse company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Differences Between Classic and Modern Office Sofas?

The sofa, as a piece of upholstered furniture, is distinguished by its height and massiveness. Although, modern stylish ergonomic sofas can no longer be called bulky. Even with an impressive length, a four-seater straight sofa, which covers the problem of comfortably accommodating numerous guests or office clients, can look elegant and even airy. The secret lies in the ingeniously simple laconic design, high legs, and the absence of any details that weigh down the structure.

Do you have an office with a special increased comfort room for visitors and clients? Or do you need to furnish your working place — it doesn't matter whether it is in the office or at home? In all these cases, you should rely on your sense of style as well as modern tendencies. A stylish sofa for the office can be made of leather, textile upholstery, or eco-leather. You will find a selection of various models of upholstered office furniture in the Kulik System online store.

Office sofas presented in our catalog are mainly designed in a classic style. Its main characteristics are:

  • dark upholstery color — black or shades of brown;
  • soft seats, backs, and armrests;
  • leather is also widely used as upholstery material or for minor details.

This option fits perfectly into the modern office style and looks especially good in large rooms. If you need to furnish a reception area or a meeting room, we suggest choosing a corner option: this arrangement, firstly, saves space, and secondly, it will create a cozy atmosphere in your office. Besides, during meetings, the angular arrangement creates a psychological environment that is more acceptable for the parties. Supplement such a sofa with a low coffee table to use the space more rationally.

How to Choose a Sofa for the Office?

The abundance of our assortment options can significantly complicate the choice and make you puzzled. Therefore, we recommend that you choose office sofas using a special filter with settings. By limiting the choice, you thereby filter out what you are not interested in. For example, a parameter such as a price is useful for a limited budget — you first of all filter out the models that are more expensive (and cheaper, if required).

An important selection parameter is a size. If you have a small room, limit the linear dimensions of the product — this will help you make the right order, and your office sofa will easily fit into the allotted space. It is advisable not to choose the model end-to-end, but leave a small gap so that the upholstery does not rub against walls or other furniture.

Decide what type of sofa you would like to buy by thinking about where you will place it. There are straight line sofas, angled sofa (for the corners and curves of various degrees), sectional (modular), folding or non-folding, as well as sets of sofas that come with the chairs.

The last step is to choose the upholstery and color. Take into account the temperature, humidity in your space, how often the sofa will be used, and the presence of kids occasionally playing around in your office.

What Is the Difference Between Classic and Modern Sofa in the Office?

Productivity, creativity, focus, and timing are the main metrics that need improvement, and modern office furniture can handle this challenge. Before you move on to planning office furnishings, you should learn the main features of traditional office space that interfere with the long-term retention of good employees and significantly slow down the creation of new products within the company.

Fortunately, there are many alternative solutions today that are the exact opposite of traditional furniture. One of the options is modular office furniture, which consists of many different sections, where there is an ideal option for everyone. With such furniture, you can create privacy for each employee and at the same time encourage social activity within the team.

Office sofas in modern and functional style are characterized by laconic design, strict outlines, and lack of frills. They often don't even have armrests. Chrome legs and bright, rich colors of the upholstery give them a modern look. Often the upholstery of such models is made of fabric. They are ideal for spaces where young people work. Therefore, it is more realistic to meet them in coworking spaces and start-up companies than in strict and businesslike offices of a more traditional profile.

It can be assumed that a lot of communication within the team and phone calls can create a lot of noise. There is also a solution to this problem and this is acoustic office furniture with noise-canceling panels. You can select either a single workstation or several sections that will be located side by side. Instead of thinking about what to put in the center of the room, you should think about the rational use of space against the wall. Such modern solutions lie in the base of contemporary office furniture.

What Color Sofa Should I Buy for My Office Working With Kids?

The latest trends in office furnishing introduced models that are folding, which is convenient for those who are used to staying up late at work and spending the night in their office (although this is very harmful). You can decide on the folding mechanism and upholstery that will be safe and will withstand the physical challenges. One of them is buying an office sofa for space where employees bring their kids as well as working places designed especially for the youngsters.

Perhaps the children's room is the place where your furniture will be tested for all possible criteria — structural strength, fabric abrasion, water and dirt-repellent properties of upholstery. Indeed, quite often the upholstered furniture serves as a trampoline, play corner, and dining room at the same time. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the strength of the frame (choose steel frames) and the quality of the upholstery materials, but in the first place, of course, the comfort and safety of the child. It is not recommended to buy sofas of too large sizes for small children, as the child will experience discomfort and insecurity.

All parts should be rounded, the frame should be covered with foam or felt, there shouldn’t be any hard or sharp parts:

  • the back should be high enough so that while sitting, the baby does not lean on a cold wall;
  • the layout mechanism should be simple enough for the child to easily cope with it;
  • all materials should be hypoallergenic.

The aesthetic properties of children's furniture are secondary, the main thing is quality and functionality. However, there are some critical points to remember. The upholstery should be non-marking, thick, and easy to clean, but always breathable, with a high content of natural fibers. Choose darker colors, but not sofas made of leather, as it gets cold and children can leave stretches and marks on the surface. If you decide to buy a bright and eye-catching sofa, make sure that the upholstery is washable or at least cleanable.

How to Organize the Home Office Ideas With the Sofa?

Usually, people decide to buy a sofa for living rooms and dining rooms, but recently it has become fashionable to use folding models in working rooms and all kinds of at-home offices. The minimalistic appearance and compact size allow it to perfectly fulfill its functions both at friendly gatherings and as a working spot.

A small 2-seater sofa will also look optimal in every apartment. To arrange it harmoniously, buy a non-folding model, equipped with a large box for storing all sorts of things or professional equipment. As a result, the furniture will perform several functions at once and help to competently organize the useful space in the house.

You can place your office sofa on moderately spacious balconies and in lounges to create a special working corner. Another great placement idea is to order a sofa for your study room and devote a whole room to your workspace. If you are a self-employed specialist that invites clients to home, think about arranging a hallway with an increased comfort waiting zone. Place a big stylish sofa there and your home nest will transform into a real office of a top-notch company.

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