The Armchair has a recognizable style of the noble elegance, which confirms the high status of its owner.


    Ergonomics of


    The chairs shape repeats the natural anatomical contours of your body, corrects the posture, prevents the occurrence and progression of vast number of spine diseases and ensures health and comfort.

    Ergonomic headrest to reduce stress on the cervical spine
    Ergonomic headrest to reduce stress on the cervical spine
    Posture correction of the thoracic spine
    Posture correction of the thoracic spine
    Lumbar support
    Lumbar support
    Load reduction on coccyx
    Load reduction on coccyx
    Control of the correct pelvis positioning
    Control of the correct pelvis positioning
    Provision of the free air circulation
    Provision of the free air circulation

    Filler - monobloc elastomer

    Elastic, cellular filler. Retains its structural form up to 1 000 000 cycles of physical contact without visible deformation. Also widely used in the aviation and automotive industry.

    Adjustment mechanism MultiSynchro

    Multifunctional, adaptive mechanism adjusts each centimeter of your individual anthropometry to create your absolute comfort.

    Individual handicraft stitching

    Attaches sophistication to the product, endows it with elegance and uniqueness.

    Castors ROLLYX

    Safe, high-quality, rubberized castors guarantee silent chair movement and also do not leave traces and scratches due to the rubberized coating

    Durable chrome-plated base

    Gives the product a decent appearance and withstands a load of more than 950 kg

    Headrest HEIGHT adjustment

    15 height positions of the headrest create maximum comfort and support in the cervical spine area.

    Headrest ANGLE adjustment

    Relieves stress from the cervical spine and restores natural blood circulation.

    The BACKREST height adjustment

    Provides support and relieves stress from the lumbar spine.

    Tilt TENSION adjustment

    Thanks to the individual adjustment of the tilt TENSION the muscles of the back will be in a state of relaxation.

    The backrest ANGLE inclination adjustment

    Thanks to the angle inclination adjustment of the backrest with 4 fixation positions you can choose the most comfortable position for the back muscles.

    The chair HEIGHT adjustment

    Serves to achieve maximum comfort in the chair, observing the legs angle at 90 °

    In depth SEAT adjustment

    Thanks to the "slider" mechanism the depth of the seat is adjustable according to your individual proportions.

    Seat ANGLE inclination adjustment

    Substantially reduces the static load on the femoral and popliteal arteries as well as the popliteal veins.

    The armrests HEIGHT adjustment

    The armrest height adjustment relieves muscle tension from the forearms and wrists.

    headreast height and angle adjustment
    backrest height and angle adjustms
    soft padded armrest with 5 positions adjustment
    seat depth, angle and height adjustment
    "MultiSynchro" mechanism
    chrome-plated base
    rubberized custors
    Upholstery MaterialEco leather
    Individual firmwaredesign stitching – DESING
    MAX load120 kg
    Chair weight22,5 kg
    Рacking size75х70х46 cm
    Weight of the chair with packing26 kg
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