Modern design of the medical center: we meet patients correctly

When health is at stake, external attributes are secondary? Yes, but if you don't broadcast competence and care, you will be left without clients. In our competitive age, survive only those who do not miss a single chance to "sell" themselves. Interior design of the clinic in this matter is no less important than the diplomas of doctors. And where does it begin? That's right, from the lobby and reception.

How to decorate these areas competently?

There are no good ideas: from installing upholstered furniture for clients to making a wall for the selfies. But what they always have in common is the desire to distance themselves from the hospital's official and boorish bureaucracy. In this case, in order for people to reach out, it is necessary to be not easier, but more attentive, modern, friendly, not to forget about the aesthetics, ergonomics and even to take into account the common features of the psychotype of your target audience.

Requirements can be listed further, dozens of it. But the key components of the selling design — 3 only:

  • Corporate style. Not only an elite restaurant — the medical center also needs a brandbook. It describes in detail how to convey the brand's philosophy with the help of identity elements. The right corporate style touches on every detail (up to the form of the staff and the text of SMS-memoirs) and takes into account psychological factors (perception of color and portrait of CA).
  • Planning. Which is not limited to sufficient space and convenient location of the reception, wardrobe and waiting area. It also requires well thought-out natural and artificial lighting, air conditioning and even landscaping. It is better to turn to designers and architects who specialize not in residential but commercial premises.
  • Furniture. From the reception desk to the armchairs and the table in the waiting area — all this should be of high quality, comfortable, modern and made in the same style. Which, in addition, does not contradict the company. Another requirement is wear resistance and ease of upholstery maintenance.

How not to make a mistake when choosing furniture for a medical center?

Find solutions that meet at least 3 requirements: look stylish, withstand no home load and are not too expensive. All this is about office upholstered and cabinet furniture. However, not all brands are equally useful, so pay attention to these aspects:

  • Brand of wood-based panels. Furniture for medical institutions and elite mansions are not the same. Therefore, there is no need to overpay for models of oak or beech. There are enough pressed plates as well. But only if it is CLEAF or EGGER. They are shock- and moisture-resistant and available in different colours and textures.
  • Filler. If sofas and armchairs are not in shape, the pits that are squeezed will become dents in your reputation. Forget about foam, synthetic rubber and felt-coated spring blocks. Medicine is always advanced technology, isn't it? Keep up with the times and when choosing a filler. Let it be a solid cellular elastomer coming from the automotive and aircraft industries.
  • The upholstery. Priority is given to materials that do not require complicated maintenance, are easy to clean, do not wear out and look stylish. Azure (jacquard fabric), antara (artificial suede) and eco leather meet all criteria and are democratic. Natural leather is more expensive, but creates an atmosphere of genuine success.
  • Orthopedic elements. Clients should not be tired of waiting for a long reception. And especially to spoil this expectation by inconveniences. Make sure that the upholstered furniture in the reception area is equipped with at least lumbar support.

In conclusion

In contrast to public clinics, private are aimed at those who make good money. But even they do not come to you from a good life. The visitor is worried about something. So, he is irritated and more acutely perceives the shortcomings. So think through every little thing: from business cards and brand-wave before the chairs and coffee table.

And yet do not forget: the main component of a successful reception area for the medical center can not buy. This is care and friendly attitude.