The modern interior of the classroom: how to make learning a pleasure

Our children are more fortunate than us. After all, many of the current schools are not the dark prisons that Pink Floyd sang about, but oases of knowledge, creativity and self-expression. What is the difference? In the new approach to education and interior design. Which does not just look “rich”, but takes into account the requirements of ergonomics and the recommendations of psychologists. We will tell about this and many other things on the example of the main school building — the classroom.

What are the requirements for the interior?

At school, not only students — designers are also forced to solve problems:

  • Use space wisely. If we are talking about an office for elementary grades, divide it into 4 zones: for study and upbringing, for recreation and communication, for physical development and, finally, for games. Do not forget about the corner of wildlife. Older kids need a classroom interior with a focus on the subject. Hanging the portraits of scientists on the walls is not enough — the creative approach is important.
  • Affect color. On which palette to stay? This question lies not only in the aesthetic, but also in the psychological plane. Colors affect brain function. Green increases stress resistance, yellow — ability to work, red — activity and at the same time aggressiveness, and violet, on the contrary, suppresses emotions. The designer will have to find the optimal combination and not be mistaken with the proportions. And it does not go beyond color harmony.
  • Comply with the laws of ergonomics. From natural as well as artificial lighting to the workplace of the teacher and each student. A wide range of high-quality furniture for the school simplifies the task, but you still can not do without taking into account dozens of factors. In addition, all this concerns not only tables and chairs, but also interaction with interactive and multimedia tools.

What furniture is needed and how not to make a mistake when choosing?

The 3 rows of desks opposite the blackboard and the teacher’s desk are classics of the genre, but it’s not necessary to follow it. Especially if younger pupils live in the office. Habitual desks can replace them with spacious tables of fancy shapes, and in areas for recreation and games, soft puffs will not be superfluous. Nevertheless, the main pieces of furniture and many of the requirements for them remain unchanged regardless of the age of the students:

  • Cabinets and racks. Their task is simple — to provide quick access to handouts. But at the same time do not contradict the overall design concept. Polished Czech walls leave in the past. Choose concise, but bright models without sharp corners and glazing (it is impossible to break something that does not exist).
  • Table for teachers and tables for schoolchildren. They are different, but they just have to be equally strong, environmentally friendly, resistant to moisture and mechanical stress. So, made of CLEAF or EGGER wood-based panels. Another must-have is height adjustment. Without it, it is more difficult to achieve the correct posture when sitting, and this is a pledge of both children's and adult health.
  • Orthopedic chairs. At school, children sit no less than at home. Why torture them with uncomfortable chairs? Which also provoke dozens of diseases. Teacher comfort and health also do not interfere. Prefer models that support the pelvis and all parts of the spine. Let both the adult and the ergonomic child seat flaunt dozens of settings: without universality, nowhere.

Classroom furniture is like a car: it's better when not only engineers, but also designers worked on it. And still the main thing is how successfully tables, chairs and shelves cope with their main task. That is, they preserve health and provide maximum comfort, and with it focus on the learning process.


Yes, thoughtful design and proper furniture can make the school not want to skip. And they are able to influence the child, restraining his hyperactivity or helping to overcome shyness. But they will not replace the teacher. And if he prefers modern methods to drill and doesn’t really love children, it's all in vain. Therefore, make sure that your school is in perfect order with both people and the interior.