How to set up a reception in a business center: the formula for the right impressions

The success of the office center does not depend on anything. The location, number of floors and the layout of the building, the quality of communications and related infrastructure, the design and ergonomics of the interior are not to mention. But meets the potential tenant reception area. It forms the first and at the same time the strongest impression. How to make it not be the last? Follow our recommendations.

Design and layout

The minimum program is to choose one of the popular styles and subordinate every little thing to it. Examine your audience. If you are targeting conservative companies (law firms, notaries, and insurance companies), refer to the aristocratic classics. If you are counting on a bold IT sector, the priority is on modern trends: from moderately minimalist high-tech, modern and loft to catchy pop art.

It will work if you have too few competitors or too many undeniable advantages. In other cases, to observe the canons of the chosen style is not enough. It is necessary to arrange the reception area so that it becomes the face of your center. Unique, original and memorable. So, it is necessary to find designers who do not follow the trends, but ask them.

The soul of the interior is an idea. What should it be? Philanthropist and distinguished businessman William Clement Stone argued: what is possible to imagine can be realized. Do not be afraid to dream. Spacious hall, in the center of which grows a real tree? Walls aquariums? Or maybe a stand from the car body? Make your interior a topic of conversation — and save on advertising.

But creative insanity does not negate common zoning. Do not forget to arrange places for the waiting area, and arrange an administrator desk opposite the entrance.

Choosing the right furniture

The main thing in this business - to provide maximum comfort to visitors and staff. You will need:

  • Front desk. 120-130 cm high and always hides documents and stationery from prying eyes. Do not dot the top countertop business cards: handouts place on a special stand.
  • Orthopedic chair. For the administrator. Much depends on his friendliness, but how to smile sincerely, if your lower back aches, your neck is numb and your legs are numb? Consider that truly orthopedic models are developed by doctors and stabilize the pelvis, as well as all parts of the spine: from neck to coccyx. And equipped with a filler, which is not deformed after a couple of months, smoothing all the anatomical curves.
  • Sofa and armchairs. Not too soft: your task is not to lull visitors, but to brighten up the minutes of waiting. The lumbar support area is required, and genuine leather upholstery — only if you want to clearly emphasize the status. Antara, eco-leather and azur are not so luxurious, but cheaper and do not require special care.
  • Coffee table. Looking out for a stylish design, do not blink the quality of materials. Resistance to scratches, shock, moisture and high temperatures is not overkill. Should a visitor accidentally drop a cup of hot coffee - and the table will need all these qualities at once.


The theater begins with a hanger, and a modern office center — with the reception. Remember: the first impression does not make twice. But, if you intelligently equip this zone, it will not turn out in two — many times stronger and more positive.