Staff Chairs Are the Key to Your Team’s Performance

Personnel is the main workforce of any company. And the profitability of the enterprise depends on how productively employees work. Take care of the comfort of your staff, and it will return a hundredfold. First of all, when arranging the staff furniture, you should think about buying good chairs.

Chairs for Staff: How to Choose and Where to Buy

Of course, every head of the company would like their employees to work in a friendly environment, physically comfortable conditions, and the spirit of leadership. However, you can only require people to be 100% focused on their work if you have taken care of the workplace in advance. In particular, every responsible office head should select comfortable ergonomic staff chairs.

It is in the chair that the average office worker spends most of their time. If the seat is inconvenient, people tend to do more mistakes, take more frequent smoke breaks, and show an unwillingness to work. No one wants such an atmosphere to become a constant office trend. STAFF — chairs from Kulik System that raise efficiency and provide comfort — will save you from such a situation.

Basic Requirements for Office Chairs for Staff

Adjustable seat height

This feature allows you to customize the chair for the height of any of your employees (thanks to the built-in gas lift). People change, but positions remain. Do not buy a new chair for each new employee. Even when deciding on the staff sturdy lunchroom chairs you should think about such features in advance. Adjustable height is a big plus for any purpose chairs.

The strong frame and stable crosspiece

These elements are must-have attributes of a good office chair, regardless of whether you buy it for the ordinary staff or executive employees. Choose models with a metal base, but if the budget is limited, then a plastic one is also suitable if it is durable. Strong design is an also an essential criterion if you choose office chairs for obese staff.

Ergonomic backrest

Such a backrest follows the natural curves of the spine, provides a physiologically correct position of the body, and creates additional support in the lumbar region. Thanks to such a structure, the back muscles practically do not get tired, which means that frequent work breaks will not be necessary for your employees.

We advise you to pay attention to Kulik System chairs with mesh backs. They are not only very soft but also breathable. Your employees will feel comfortable even on the hottest summer day.

Stable armrests

They relieve the load on the shoulders and the upper cervical region, which makes working at the computer seamless and natural, and also prevents osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. Do you think this should not bother you as a leader? Then think how much money you are losing paying for a sudden sick leave. It's more profitable to invest in quality office staff chairs for your employees. Moreover, models with armrests are not much more expensive.

Durable padding

A wear-proof upholstery material will significantly extend the life of your seats. Cheap fabrics quickly become thinner and tear apart, but they will be more practical for use in staff lounge chairs. Nevertheless, after a few cleanings, pellets may appear on them which spoils the general appearance. Therefore, we do not recommend saving on upholstery.

For information on each specific model, read the descriptions for the product, as well as look at the photo and video reviews. Remember that with Kulik System, you can choose staff lounge chairs of any model and order them in a specific material to your taste. The room for creativity is endless.

Computer Chairs for the Premium Staff

These office furniture pieces offer improved comfort and more expensive finishes. Executives do not choose such options for eating places or lounges, because they want to earn respect and show off their status by investing into meeting rooms. Leather or its quality substitute is often used as upholstery. As for greater comfort, it is mainly achieved through additional adjustment options. In such chairs, you can customize:

  • back height;
  • depth and hardness of the seat;
  • the height and inclination of the armrests.

The presence of a headrest and a special swing mechanism allows not only to work productively but also to quickly restore strength without actually getting up from the desk. Of course, such chairs are bought mainly for the key employees of the company, while for ordinary staff, office furniture of a standard type is quite suitable.

We are sure that now you will not have any problems with the choice. Visit Kulik System’s website to choose a staff chair online with price. When making an order, take into account the office area, the final purpose of the furniture piece you are choosing, and the employee’s status.

Buy Staff Chairs From the Manufacturer to Save

Kulik System company is one of the largest manufacturers of office chairs in Ukraine. When ordering furniture for your office from us, you save on the services of various intermediaries and get a reliable warranty from the manufacturer.

Another advantage of working with us is that you can, if you wish, see and “test” all the models of chairs presented on the site in one of our stores in Kyiv. And buy them only after being 100% sure that the selected staff chairs are right for you. Our responsibility is the prompt delivery of the staff room chairs to any corner of the world.