An Executive Chair as a Part of the Company's Image

It's what shows up on the surface that counts. An executive chair definitely stands on the surface, so this saying is still relevant when talking about the office environment. The first things that any guest, visitor, or potential partner of the company evaluates hide in detail. By the way the company's management treats its employees and itself, sophisticated business people can easily calculate what the prospects and benefits they may obtain from future cooperation. Quality executive desk chairs are confirmation that the organization is doing well, and the partnership promises profit and success. Office design, good decoration, layout, and workspace quality are also important.

You need to carefully select interior items both for a director and even a lower rank boss. Take into account criteria like the height, weight, and complexion of the future owner. If, for instance, an elegant white chair suits a fragile woman leader, then a corpulent male boss needs completely different models. The size of the office shouldn’t be neglected either: do not order the biggest item to show off. Follow your company’s corporate policy but add taste. Finally, sometimes you need to let go of all stereotypes and choose managerial chairs of any model you like.

An Executive Chair — How to Choose?

Do not treat an executive chair only as a stylish piece of furniture. It is clear that the head of a reputable institution cannot receive guests sitting on a stool. The specifics of management work require that the boss leaves the office less often than the subordinates, mainly receiving visitors, working with documents, and conducting negotiations on the phone. Moreover, most of the working time is spent in a sitting position.

Needless to say, it is necessary to buy an executive chair of such quality so as not to harm health, especially taking care of the spine. The Kulik System online store offers a wide variety of executive office chairs that add respectability to the office interior and are safe for the well-being.

Important Points for Choosing an Executive Chair


If you want to maintain a certain status and sustained business style, it is better to choose models the upholstery of which is made of genuine leather. Leather executive office chairs are not only beautiful and solid but also easy to clean — the seat and back of the chair can be simply wiped with a cloth, the leather does not get dirty or worn off over time. By the way, leatherette (eco-leather) is also almost as good as a natural material.

Ergonomic design

A quality item should not only provide you with the possibility to adjust the leather executive chair’s height but also have mechanisms for changing the tilt of the back and other parameters. A dynamic mode is also an advantage. A few minutes of swaying, rocking, or swinging a day will help relieve the spine.


An executive's desk is larger than a standard desk, and you often need to move along the table top to reach for documents or a desk drawer. The Kulik System company uses exclusively high-quality accessories — casters and frames, which ensure long and reliable use of the maneuverable possibilities of office furniture.


It will vary depending on many parameters: materials, size, additional functions. Our online store always offers the best prices, discounts on popular executive chairs, the cost of which will delight even the most frugal executives. You can order office furniture for any city in Ukraine or abroad. Fast delivery and the possibility of individual adjusting is what our customers cherish the most.

Manufacturing Materials

On the Kulik System website, you can buy an executive chair of a suitable model and with the necessary functions. The upholstery of the chair can also be different:

  • Genuine leather — such models are expensive because leather is considered the material of high-end quality and has significant durability indicators. Leather executive chairs are resistant to external factors, such as dirt, moisture, scratches, and random marks. These items are the golden standard of status and wealthy life because they look very presentable.
  • Eco-leather or leatherette are used in budget models. These options are inexpensive but no less stylish. Unfortunately, they are not as durable as leather options.
  • Fabric is a budget finish that is not often used when creating this type of armchair. It is often combined with other materials of better quality.
  • Mesh fabric is mainly used for regular office chairs. Its advantage over conventional fabric cover is its multi-layering, which improves durability as well as load range. Of course, such items cannot compete with the best executive leather office chairs in fanciness.
  • Acrylic mesh — this material shows high durability. It is not often used in its pure but supplemented with other materials. Most often, you will run across a combination: "leather / acrylic mesh", where the seat is upholstered from the first material, and the back remains mesh.

When you decide on the material and the finish of the preferable item, visit our site and check the latest models of ergonomic executive chairs. Our managers are always available to help you.