The Best Computer Chairs for Back Pain

Correct posture allows you to focus on work, perform it as correctly as possible and without any health consequences. The human body, though, is designed for dynamic work and constant mobility. A sedentary lifestyle today affects your future comfort — back pain is a common problem. The best ergonomic office chairs for back pain in 2021 help you avoid the unpleasant effects of working long hours at the desk and prevent possible further complications.

Why May Incorrect Computer Chairs Cause Pain?

What happens when we sit in a chair for hours? The spine’s dorsal muscles are physiologically unable to withstand prolonged loads for more than 2 hours in a row. Therefore, the constant work sitting in front of the computer causes pain.

Remember how you solve the problem if your neck starts to ache, your back tingles? Most likely, you change the area of ​​effect of the load: lean on the left side instead of the right hand, stretch your head forward, bend, and round your back. Such positions help to stretch the muscles and eliminate pain. If you continue to use harmful furniture instead of the best chairs for computer desk for comfort and back pain, the symptoms can return.

After prolonged tension, the back muscles relax, gradually releasing the ligamentous-articular apparatus. To compensate for the stress, the body "turns on" an emergency mode of preservation of mobility, a redistribution of the vertical load occurs. Such a change in position is natural for our body. The only bad thing is that this is the so-called "reserve protective option,” and its constant use negatively affects our spine. The best office chairs for back pain take ergonomic requirements into account and do not allow the overload of the next spine sections:

Sacrum and loin

People who choose a sitting position with the buttocks displaced towards the chair’s center increase the lower back muscles’ load. Often, you sit closer to the central part of the chair while your shoulders are lowered, your head is directed slightly forward, the back is rounded, and the stomach protrudes slightly forward. In this case, the entire load falls on the lower back and sacrum.

Central back

A pinched nerve, myositis, osteochondrosis, and other acutely symptomatic diseases occur in the thoracic spine section and often resemble pain in the heart. This region suffers if a person sits closer to the backseat, but rounds the back, leaning on the elbows. The load falls on the central back muscles. The best computer chairs for back pain provide the support of all body parts — from lumbar to cervical spine.

Upper back

The upper back can experience abnormal load if the person chooses an uneven distribution of the load on the body. As a rule, one shoulder is lower than the other, and the head is oblique to the monitor. One hand is continually working (holding mouse), and the other is continuously in a semi-hanging position.

All of the above mistakes lead to sharp and not disappearing pain. When it enters our life, changing everything around, we start seeking solutions. Why don’t we think about our health in advance?

Buy Chairs Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Back Pain in 2021

Choosing the right anatomical furniture is one of the fundamental factors of comfort. You can choose a simple chair for work, but if your main activity is related to sitting, the negative consequences of such neglect will soon appear.

The best office chairs for lower back pain are not just a whim but a necessity. They should contain: armrests to fix the arms, a headrest to support the head, a protruding element (or a support cushion) in the lumbar region to form the correct posture.

Do not deal with spine diseases when they occur — prevent back pain with the ergonomic chairs produced by our manufacturer. Do not wait for the negative consequences of sedentary work but take responsibility for your posture. All office furniture from Kulik System is ergonomic and safe for your health. Adjustment elements, modern designs, and chairs that were made following the highest orthopedic standards — we offer all those benefits to every client. Our manufacturer will help you choose the best computer chairs for low back pain, a stylish and modern table to accompany them, and all kinds of ergonomic furniture.