Ergonomic Computer Chairs for Your Health and Wealth

Computer desk chairs are vital furniture pieces for all office workers and an irreplaceable item for any household of a freelancer. Computer work can be quite tedious and take long hours in a sitting position. Ergonomic computer chairs models are excellent for the prevention of many chronic diseases that result from sedentary work. Such diseases include varicose veins, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, myopia, and even emotional burnout. Your well-being depends on the convenience of the ergonomic computer desks chairs you choose, which in turn affects labor productivity.

Ergonomic Computer Chair: What Is It Like?

Here’s a couple of standard characteristics that modern computer chairs should possess if they claim to be ergonomic and health-safe:

Unique seat and backrest design

Best buy computer chairs that can be called "ergonomic" are developed by companies with extensive experience in the production of office furniture, for instance, Kulik System. Companies of this group carry out fundamental developments in the field of spinal rehabilitation. All models you can buy from us have certificates that confirm their high quality.

During the development stage, many years of medical experience are taken into account, analytical research and practical experiments are carried out. The result is an innovative product that allows you to maintain the health of the user, as well as improve overall well-being. Computer chairs back support is a a vital element of ergonomic furniture by Kulik System.

Swing mechanism

The swing mechanism is needed mainly to relieve the tension of the back muscles during the swing, which during the day kept the body in a working position.

Individuality and intelligence

Each ergonomic model is truly unique. If you want to buy computer chairs, remember that it should posses an unusual design that will make it stand out from other pieces of furniture. Besides, such chairs literally have their own intelligence, which allows them to adapt to the slightest changes in the position of the human body. In this case, the spine is constantly in the anatomically correct position, and the loads are evenly distributed.

The base of the computer chair

The base of an computer chair for an office is usually produced in a form of a crosspiece on wheels. The crosspiece should be selected based on your weight. If the weight is up to 70 kg, then a cross made of any material, including plastic, is suitable. If the weight is ± 110 kg, a metal cross should be selected, but if ± 130 kg, we recommend opting for chairs with a cast aluminum cross.

If the chair is on carpeted floors, plastic casters are preferable. If the flooring is parquet or laminate, then you should choose models having rubberized wheels. In case you want a computer chair without wheels, you can install glides to complete any crosspiece or choose stacking chairs.

Different Types of Upholstery

The next materials are possible for covering the soft parts of the chairs intended for computer work:

  • Genuine leather designed for a high-end chair has great resistance guaranteeing its great durability. This choice is generally made for executive chairs.
  • Synthetic leather is tough and widely used because it is easy to maintain and clean and has a lower price. A leather seat brings a higher level of quality and elegance, however, sustainable companies who support eco-friendly politics should opt for an artificial substitute.
  • Computer chair models made using fabrics are widely popular as well. Textile is a material that promotes air circulation while also protecting against the cold.
  • Mesh is a great option that lets air circulate, especially in cases of intensive use. This material is convenient during periods of hot weather because it regulates the temperature of the back avoiding sweating. The choice of fabric or mesh often depends on the budget because it is more affordable than the leather option.

When you think about buying an office chair, in addition to the material, you should check the padding. The foam inside should be of sufficient density to be comfortable but firm enough to return to its normal shape.

Adjustments That Should Provide Comfort

To make the computer chair as comfortable as possible, pay attention to the ergonomic chairs with adjustments that will allow you to customize the chair according to your individual characteristics and preferences. The chairs can have the following adjustments:

  • seat depth;
  • back height;
  • the lumbar support should be adjusted in depth and height;
  • armrests adjustment mechanisms
  • the headrest regulation in height and angle.

Upholstery and overall appearance are important criteria when choosing a chair, but you must also pay attention to the structure of the chair. It is an investment and quality materials guarantee durability. At Kulik System, we offer a range of comfortable computer chairs with a special metal base for intensive use. We also have models with exclusive structures and all kinds of customizable materials available for use in a chair.

For your seat to be comfortable, you should be able to adjust the angle of inclination of the backrest. Depending on the model, you should activate a balancing system by operating the lever provided for this purpose towards the outside of the chair. A reclining office chair allows you to feel more relaxed and take a short break between long working hours right in your chair.

To summarize all of these adjustments, we recommend that your model has at least the height adjustment of the backrest in order to achieve an ideal position to properly support the spine from top to bottom. This will ensure you are comfortable for many hours while avoiding pain and fatigue. Computer chairs price mostly depends on their ergonomic features, so you should not save money on that.

The end goal is for you to feel comfortable at work or at home while sitting in front of a computer. At Kulik System, a company specializing in premium office furniture, you will undoubtedly find the best computer chairs for office that meet all the high standards.