Choosing Gaming Chairs That Will Prevent Back Pain

It's not a secret for anyone that with the advent of computers and gaming consoles in our everyday life (home and work), users began to complain more about back pain. After working 10-12 hours at the computer at work, we come home and go back to the monitor after a quick snack. Although it sometimes helps relieve tension and reduce stress, our back does not feel grateful for it. Proper gaming computer chairs can help you in this.

The reason for this is simple — excessive stress on the back and neck, which, with age, leads to chronic pain that will haunt you always. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many will face.

What to Look for in a Chair?

Choosing gaming chairs is very difficult since it is worth considering the physiological characteristics, materials, trends, and options that will suit the budget. Below, we have collected four main criteria for choosing this type of furniture:


A quality chair must meet all recognized ergonomic standards. It should provide maximum comfort and natural body position, and most importantly, it should reduce the load on the spine and arms. When ordering, ask about the maximum load, especially if you buy gaming chairs for big guys. The maximum weight is usually declared with a certain margin. Your weight should not cross the extreme point.

For example, if your weight is 60-70 kilograms, then a chair with a maximum load of 90 kilograms is a decent option. But if your weight is more than 100 kilograms, for example, 105-110 kg, then the best option would be to take care of a margin of at least 150 kilograms. Such a margin will increase durability since the maximum load takeі into account not only the actual weight of the gamer and the dynamic load.


This important criterion allows you to customize the chairs to your physiological characteristics. You should be able to raise the seat or backrest, increase the distance between the armrests, change the backrest angle, and implement all kinds of regulations. Such upgrades allow you to use the same chair for years because it will grow and change with you. What is more, adjustments provide the best conditions at the moment and prevent back pain.


The main material that is used in a typical gaming chair is breathable eco-leather. This type of upholstery is cheaper than natural leather, which allows to reduce the cost of the chair. It has a number of limitations, but the quality is still high, and you can experiment with designs. Mesh backseats are less popular but still a widely spread option.


You need to understand that the price tag ranges from several hundred dollars to infinity. The sphere of cybersports implies expensive PCs, related products, and furniture. If you enjoy working all day long in front of your computer, you should invest in proper ergonomic gaming chairs. Assess your budget, but do not forget about the three above criteria. Try to find a balance since the market is very diverse.

In terms of construction, all Kulik System chairs are durable, and any creak can be "cured" by banal lubrication of moving elements. You shouldn’t experience any problems with the dynamic elements of the chair. If you do, localize the source of the sound and simply lubricate the part with silicone grease. Make it a rule to do this periodically, and you will forget about such a problem, no matter what load your chair withstands on the daily.

Unobvious "Pitfalls" of Buying a Random Chair

Many pc gaming chairs are made of eco-leather since it is believed that this material is the most abrasion-resistant and durable. However, this material has a serious drawback — it is not breathable, and your back can get sweaty quickly. If you choose a gaming chair for a warm climate, check the ventilation presence, many models have it. If possible, sit on it for a while to see if it is blown normally.

The side restraints are popular elements on the seat of a pc chair. Many items have these as the restraints should potentially provide a comfortable fit, preventing you from slipping and fidgeting. However, they may simply not suit you personally if your pelvis is too wide or narrow pelvis, you do not enjoy a landing depth or it is merely unusual and not convenient. Pay attention to all these little things, and you will buy a comfortable gaming chair that will serve you for years.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Orthopedic characteristics are a prerequisite for the top gaming chairs — the correct load on the back muscles ensures well-being. The right chair for your computer will keep your back healthy despite the prolonged strain that comes with sedentary work. You shouldn’t suffer from spending hours playing your favorite games or streaming if it is a part of your work. Make the space around your computer the most convenient with our chairs.

Many people believe that a standard office chair can be a complete replacement for a gaming one, but not all models have important ergonomic characteristics. As a result of extended sitting, back pain and general fatigue can appear. Long stay in one position with improper load on the back muscles can lead to the diseases connected with posture. Therefore, it is necessary to buy an orthopedic gaming computer chair with special support and an orthopedic headrest to relieve neck muscles.

It is essential to choose the best gaming chairs and purchase models only from trusted manufacturers. The renowned Kulik System brand offers proven models that have passed certification and have important ergonomic features confirmed by specialists.