Leather Office Chairs

Leather chairs and furniture can rightfully be called the kings of the interior. Luxurious appearance, solidity, and respectability are the main features that people cherish in this type of chair. However, many executives and regular office workers would also like to see comfort and coziness behind the beauty. Therefore, all customers need to learn how to choose quality chairs that will be not only eye-pleasing but health-safe.

Features and Performance of Leather Chairs

In addition to the attractive appearance, leather chairs have a lot of other advantages:

  • They let air through. Of course, textile copes with this task better, but genuine leather is still incomparable to vinyl and eco-leather in this aspect.
  • Long-lasting. The material not get worn off for a very long time.
  • Suitable for wet cleaning. The leather computer chairs material tolerates washing and regular wet wiping easily. Besides, the material does not accumulate electricity, which means it does not attract dust from all sides.
  • Resistant to minor scratches. Of course, we are not talking about serious mechanical damage, but you definitely won't scratch natural leather with your nails.
  • The armchair will look good in any room, regardless of the basic design style.
  • Genuine leather does not release any toxins into the air. The same applies to some leatherette (for example, eco-leather).

As with any aspect of life, there are some drawbacks:

  • Absorbing color pigments very quickly. It is easy to ruin the look of your leather chair with ink or other similar compounds. Removing some stains is almost impossible and the only way to save your item will be to re-paint it.
  • In hot weather, it creates a feeling of increased "humidity". Simply put, you will sweat a lot.
  • Does not tolerate strong stretching very well.
  • Leather is quite expensive and not every office can afford genuine leather office chairs.

Finishes for a Leather Chair Skin Face

The outside surface of the leather upholstery is called the face. All existing types of natural leather differ precisely in the degree of this parameter processing. Calf skins or skins removed from grown-up bulls have become the manufacturers’ favorite. Here are the types of finishes it can have:

  • The face is completely intact (aniline). There were no additional treatments. The leather is perfect, without initial defects. This material is considered the most luxurious and quite capricious to care of. Intact leather can be too soft, so the natural pattern (grain) can wear off over time. The dye layer is thin, not exceeding 1 mm.
  • Light face correction (semi-aniline). This type of material for leather business chairs can be lightly sanded. In addition to the dye, an additional protective layer is applied. The material is more resistant to external influences. It has higher fracture strength properties than the previous one.
  • Corrected (varnished). Characterized by rather strong grinding, embossing, and reinforced dyeing, this material can be covered with a layer of varnish or colored polymer. Be careful when choosing it because corrected leather may have defects hidden by varnish.
  • Split leather. This material is extracted from the central part of the skin with the face cut off on both sides. It has a nice feel, but not at all suitable for tight-fitting furniture. Even slight stretching deforms the split irreversibly.

Be careful when choosing ergonomic leather office chairs. Now that you know what types of genuine leather are there, you will be forearmed when contacting Kulik System managers. They will be glad to share all the details with you concerning the materials chosen for your order.

Other Materials Widely Used Alongside With Leather

In addition to genuine leather, manufacturers widely use leatherette. It can also vary in properties:

  • Eco-leather. The material is quite expensive, but with good performance properties. The attractive appearance is combined with good stretch tolerance. The main downside is low resistance to scratches.
  • Artificial leather. This includes a huge list of modern materials. All of them have many of the advantages of real leather, without its disadvantages. But, the fact remains that it is synthetic. The prices are sometimes no lower than for real leather.
  • Vinyl (PVC). Better give up this purchase. This material is treated with extremely corrosive chemicals to make it soft. It then releases some of them into the atmosphere or transfers them to your skin. May cause severe allergic reactions. Kulik System doesn’t use this material during the production process.

All this is useful to know when choosing modern leather office chairs made of genuine leather. Natural material will serve you for years, and only look better and more respectable. Most importantly, when choosing such a chair, pay attention to the price, a quality leather chair cannot be cheap, to the preferable style, and dimensions. All leather desk chairs should still be ergonomic and take care of your posture.