Benefits of Using Premium Office Chairs and Why You Need Them

Premium chairs for the office have long been the most essential elements of the workspace. And this is not surprising, because every employee of the company spends most of the working day in a sitting position. Therefore, office chairs must meet the required quality standards. Read on to find out why a premium chair price is totally understandable and the benefits you obtain by investing in such furniture.

They Prevent Back Pain

75% of people, regardless of their field of activity, have spine problems. Do you experience acute or chronic pain from time to time? It is impossible to solve the health problem by choosing the right chair. But you can prevent many of the unpleasant symptoms by increasing physical activity, following proper nutrition, and acquiring an integrated approach to the health issues.

You cannot sit in front of the computer in a cross-legged position — this contributes to the spine curvatures. Sitting in a chair, you should pay attention to the position of your whole body. Or, buy a premium leather chair, and they will do the job for you. The ergonomic chair should meet the following recommendations:

  • Your hands shouldn’t be higher than your elbows.
  • There should be no gap between the chair and the back in the lumbar region. Choose models equipped with lumbar support.
  • Both hands should be on the table. You shouldn't hold one hand on the keyboard and place the other in the hanging position.
  • The chair should allow you to keep your neck straight, no bending towards the monitor screen.
  • The shoulders should be relaxed not to strain the muscles.

Premium Upholstery That Lasts for Ages

The upholstery market is constantly evolving, and fabric manufacturers are working every day to improve their products' performance. In turn, premium executive chair manufacturers select the most durable and environmentally friendly materials. The benefits you receive after buying premium furniture is the increased Martindale cycle. This is a specially designed abrasion test used to calculate the material's durability. The higher the score — the longer the upholstery will last. You can find this data in the Kulik System catalog or check it with a manager.

The most durable material is, of course, genuine leather. It will serve many times longer than other materials and is relatively easy to restore. Two types of leather are used for upholstering the premium class chairs:

  • smooth, which is considered a luxurious one;
  • rough leather — split pieces of leather used primarily in the minor detailing.

They have different structures, but both types of leather are great for upholstery. The premium chair price, of course, depends on the material you choose. Investing in leather, you pay for the quality that you can rely on for years.

There are a lot of imitations of leather — natural materials called ECO leather. A vinyl coating is applied to a cotton base in a particular porous way, allowing air circulation and repelling moisture. This type of material is more susceptible to mechanical damage and is not used for premium office chairs. Synthetic-based vinyl leather lasts much longer and is cheaper but does not allow moisture to pass through. Its main advantage is the possibility of wet cleaning. Choosing vinyl leather is recommended for medical institutions, catering establishments, the kitchen, and waiting areas. If you are looking for premium furniture, this material is not the best choice.

Ergonomics Is the New Trend

Professional engineers have been working for a long time to develop the necessary forms that would help maintain employees' health and posture. Kulik System offers only the most ergonomic premium computer chairs, which allow to maintain comfortable workplace conditions for an extended period and increase efficiency, not allowing employees to get tired. Modern chairs for the office are traditionally divided into types:

  • Visitor chairs;
  • Staff chairs;
  • Executive chairs.

A company's reputation depends on how it meets its visitors — potential customers, investors, partners, or employees. Often small companies neglect the choice of comfortable and stylish chairs for visitors. As a result, the company's image suffers because it starts with the little things. We recommend choosing ergonomic premium furniture for all office spaces and pay attention to the details.

Sustainable Business Leadership

If you are a sensitive leader and care about your subordinates' health and comfort, then be sure to choose premium chairs from our company. We will offer the highest quality modern chairs, the design of which will suit the interior of your company.

Premium leather chairs will be an indicator of significance and serve as an excellent choice for the executive cabinet. Investing in an ergonomic chair of the premium class for every employee will also add points to your company's prestige. Our furniture company sells furniture which surprises with a variety of designs, adjustable mechanisms, and colors. Remember that the team's efficiency relies on the working conditions in which they are spending the most time. Sustainability — the new business trend — is about taking care of each worker and benefiting even more.