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Kids' Desk Chairs

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Ergonomic Chair KULIK SYSTEM Space
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Children’s ergonomic chair Kulik System TRIO
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As soon as a child goes to school, the load on their nervous system and the body increases several times. The back and neck are especially affected during this period. It is important to choose desk chairs for kids’ rooms wisely. Today, starting from the first grade, kids are given many homework assignments, and parents need to think about organizing a comfortable workplace in the children's room.

The Best Desk Chairs For Kids

When choosing a chair for a student, three criteria are most important:

  • height adjustment,
  • reclining backrest,
  • seat depth and width.

It is advisable that a school chair has rounded edges so it will not cut into the child’s knees. The height from the top of the seat to the floor should be 40-45 cm. The backrest should be adaptable, that is, deflect and return to its original position with and without pressure, respectively. Also, the chairs for the children of primary school age shouldn’t have armrests. Otherwise, the child will take turns leaning on each of them, which contributes to the formation of an incorrect spinal deflection. It is better when the student's hands are on the desk or table.

Kids Growth Chairs

A “growing” chair is a rather expensive purchase, but it will last for more than one year. Such a set of furniture transforms as a child grows from 5 to 13 years old. However, these boundaries are conditional, because everything depends on individual physical characteristics. Most often, the maximum load on a growing chair is 90 kg. This set can serve your child from grades 1 to 11 (some child's Desk Chairs are designed for height up to 170 cm).

The Main Features of the Kids Growth Chairs

Here are the characteristics of a growing school desk with a chair:

  • multi-stage mechanical adjustment of the desk and chair heights;
  • tabletop tilt angle adjustment (gas lift) depending on the type of activity — reading, writing, or drawing;
  • seatback tilt angle adjustment;
  • orthopedic cutout in the tabletop;
  • a wide seat;
  • there are small ventilation holes on the seat and backrest.

Additional Equipment for the Part Transforming Chairs

A growing chair can be equipped with:

  • shelves;
  • a table LED lamp;
  • a book stand;
  • drawers;
  • a hook for a bag or briefcase;
  • rubber pads on table legs that allow moving furniture without damaging the floor.

Kids' Swivel Chairs

If your teenager refuses all kinds of transforming chairs and there is an ordinary computer desk in the children's room, then you can choose an orthopedic chair with an extended gas lift. The height and depth of all parts can be easily adjusted. Remember to pay attention to whether the kid’s legs stay horizontal and the knees bend at right angles. To improve the leg positions, you can additionally purchase a footrest. Although some computer desk chairs for kids are already equipped with it.

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Chair

  • The child is constantly growing, so choose a model with adjustable back and seat heights. Or you can buy a growing chair.
  • Always check if the knees bend at a 90° angle while the kid is sitting.
  • The top edge of the back of a school chair should be level with the shoulder blades.
    Such an arrangement means that the back is in the correct position.
  • If you decide to opt for the desk chairs for kids’ rooms with wheels, make sure that they have a rubber coating.
  • Children's computer chair upholstery can be different: fabric, mesh, or eco-leather.

These simple tips should help you in choosing the best chair for your kid. Let their long studying hours in front of a desk be safe and comfortable! Check out our shop’s range to find an option to your taste.