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Office Sofas: Modern Ergonomic Solutions for Your Workplace

Choosing an office sofa should be such a careful process as choosing a sofa for your own home. After all, a successful office interior of a company helps create a positive first impression for customers and partners, contributes to the creation of a harmonious atmosphere in the team, and can increase employees' overall efficiency. The type of sofa you will buy should be based on its purpose and the place where it will be situated. When it comes to ergonomic, turn to Kulik System — professionals on whom you can rely.

Sofas for All Purposes

Conventionally, all sofas for the office can be divided into three types:

  • Sofa for the director's office;
  • Sofa for the reception hall;
  • Sofa for company employees.

The sofa for the director's office should look respectable and stylish and stay in tune with the rest of the office. If there are office elements made from mahogany, the sofa can possess the same decorations and leather upholstery. If you deal with a hi-tech office, pick modern office sofa designs.

The sofa for the reception is no less important than the furniture in the director’s cabinet. Such office sofas are intended for clients and partners as they will be the first thing the visitors will see as they enter your office. However, models made of costly materials are inappropriate here. It is better to give preference to the middle price range options. Remember that the sofa for office reception must be comfortable and make a great first impression on every person who visits your company.

The sofa for the company's employees can stand in a separate rest area or a specially designated lounge zone. Inexpensive office sofas with artificial leather upholstery are suitable in such rooms. Many employers give preference to such modern office sofas for their easy cleaning.

Frame Construction and Upholstery

The frame of the sofa is most often made of wood or metal. In the manufacture of a wooden frame, beams, and plywood of such tree species as pine, beech or oak are used. Sofa legs can also be made of wood, but a contemporary office sofa with laconic style will most probably have metal chrome legs.

Office sofas are filled with polyurethane foam and foam rubber. These materials provide sufficient softness, not making the sofa seat particularly relaxing while it stays comfortable to sit on.

The most practical option for the sofa for home office upholstery is artificial leather (leatherette). It can withstand heavy loads, does not fade from exposure to sunlight, and is easy to clean. Modern technologies make it possible to produce a leather substitute that is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is more practical than fabrics and cheaper than genuine leather.

Ergonomics as the Sustainable Trend for Office Furniture

Ergonomics is the science of the work process that studies human behaviour characteristics in the workplace to create adequate working conditions. If you are comfortable, you can work at maximum productivity with minor energy consumption.

What is ergonomic furniture? These are not only items for the arrangement of the workplace. Ergonomic furniture meets the standards necessary for the comfortable organization of the workspace and providing all convenient conditions. Most modern office sofas are ergonomic because people no longer want to pay for the pretty image — they want quality and health safety.

For What Purposes Are Ergonomic Office Sofas Ideal:

  • due to the sufficient width of the seats, several guests can comfortably sit on it during tea drinking or a pleasant conversation;
  • ergonomic office sofas can serve as comfortable work areas where employees can take a break from their usual environment;
  • the grace of the sofa allows you to emphasize the refined sophistication of the interior in small rooms and successfully place emphases;
  • modern sofas can be transformed and used for various purposes.

We offer a wide range of this type of upholstered furniture, from sleek minimalism to pompous luxury, in our online store. Visit the catalogue to explore office sofas for sale.

Office Sofas by Kulik System — An Integral Part of the Interior

For a serious company, buying the right office furniture sofa is another part of the business brand image. You can buy an office sofa on the Kulik System website for many purposes and to many tastes. Take care of your customers and employees — choose comfortable ergonomic sofas with our help and equip your sustainable office!