What Is an Adjustable Desk and Its Advantages?

Ergonomic tables with electric height adjustment allow you to work both standing and sitting. Such a piece of furniture is called an adjustable desk. This feature is useful for people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position. In this category on our website, you can buy a table for standing work, which has a good range of height changes making its tabletop adjustable to different people and purposes. The smart desk that uses an electric drive allows to change position (from low, which is convenient for the child, to high — suitable for the adult) by pressing the button.

Using tables for standing work has several advantages:

  • Changing the sitting position for a few minutes of standing will prevent possible problems.
  • If you already have back problems, working in front of an electric standing desk for part of the day, rather than sitting at a standard desk all day, can provide relief and help with recovery.
  • People of different heights can easily adjust their table to suit specific needs, which is especially helpful for tall people and prevents stooping.
  • It is ideal for people who can't work while sitting after back surgery.
  • Such desks are beneficial for several groups of people who use the same workstation.

How Does the Adjustable Height Desk Work?

The desk can be adjusted using a manual or electric mechanism. Manual adjustment is simple. It is equipped with a lifting device and a fastening system. The electric desk can be adjusted using a button or remote control. With a smart adjustable desk, you shouldn’t worry about back pain and neck fatigue anymore. Besides, it promotes concentration and encourages productivity.

There can be smart desks with two types of adjustments: manual adjustment and electronic adjustment. The difference is:

  • The first optimizes ergonomics by adjusting the height of the worktable. You just need to lengthen or shorten the table legs. Remember to secure them and make sure the table is level.
  • The second type allows the adjustable desktop to move by means of an electric drive. Push the button to adjust its height.

The two types of settings are easily adjusted, which is essential in today's open space working culture.

Why Working While Standing up Is So Useful?

The benefits of working at height-adjustable tables become apparent in two weeks. You will feel surprisingly energetic and cope with tasks easier. People of different heights and purposes can use the same desk and enjoy its ergonomics. A smart desk is an irreplaceable item for a modern office.


Our body gets energy from food and proteins and fats available in the body.

If you sit all the time, the energy can only come from food. Alternating body positions during the working day using a standing desk is the easiest and most effective way to get energy from fat stores. You increase your energy level and quickly reduce fat deposits, reduce excess weight, increase your productivity and stimulate mental activity.


People with back pain are not allowed to sit for long. An adjustable standing desk is the best solution. People who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. By changing your body position every 45 minutes, you strengthen your back muscles and get a healthy spine, a good straight posture, and self-confidence.


By changing your body position during the working day, you will be more productive. You or your team will work more efficiently, and with fewer mistakes, you will close projects faster without breaking deadlines, your profits will grow along with the company’s image — all of this thanks to a height-adjustable standing desk.

How to Use Your Adjustable Ergonomic Desk?

Sitting is not the root of all your ailments. It is capable of bringing you comfort and convenience in your work environment. The alternation of standing and sitting positions is therefore the best solution. It is then a matter of finding the right balance to feel comfortable and make the most of the benefits of the best standing desk from Kulik System.

Because each person is unique and therefore their needs are individual, not everyone will use the desk according to the manual. Typically, a height-adjustable desk user can find their own pace in less than a week. We should know that several criteria determine how actively the person will use a standing mode and still feel comfortable:

  • The level of focus the person experiences while standing;
  • Their state of health and weight;
  • Their physical training condition related to sports activities practiced outside of work.

An adjustable computer desk will work wonders if you introduce it into your life gradually and by learning. One day, you can feel tired and not enjoy standing up. The next day, you will be eager to try out this challenge, and soon you will get used to such conditions. The main tip is to focus on your work and not changing positions. Otherwise, there will be little use of it.

Why Choose Kulik System When Buying an Adjustable Chair?

To best meet your needs and guarantee optimal working conditions for your employees, we have a wide range of height-adjustable desks. You will find many models and colors of ergonomic desks that will fit perfectly into your professional space on our website. You may also consider purchasing a standing computer desk for more specific uses requiring frequent changes in position.

If you often feel the need to change your table’s height or stand and work, then electric regulable desks are your option. We have been doing it for many years and now managed to gain international recognition. Our desks and ergonomic chairs are popular around the world.

Changing the height of the tabletop will only be easier with our E-TABLE line. You can integrate such chairs into your office, for example, to accommodate two employees simultaneously while allowing them to configure their workspace. An adjustable office desk is your ideal choice for collaborative workstations or coworking offices.