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Autonomous High-Quality Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomics studies how elements of a system interact with each other and how this interaction influences their functions. If we approach it from a human point of view, people stand for the system. The functions they perform are work, rest, or study. Thus, an ergonomic desk chair helps them perform required tasks while staying efficient and active.

We should choose a chair according to its problems: lack of well-being must be considered and entrusted to qualified and experienced personnel. Consequently, the office chair must be reliable and we certainly cannot choose the price as the primary factor. Underestimating material quality can lead to health and productivity problems. Evaluate the quality/price ratio but do not let the cost be your main criteria. The ultimate goal of purchasing an ergonomic office chair is to prevent or eliminate back pain from excessive and prolonged use of the computer.

The Correct Posture

The chair will not perform its main task if you do not adjust it properly. Your back must always be straight, never stretched backward. Adjustable task chair arms relax the arms, and the shoulders will also naturally release.

Adjust a task chair to suit your body. Regulate the height of the seat to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. For this, you should keep your elbows level to or higher than the worktop. The ideal solution would be choosing high-back chairs that have a footrest. Kulik System offers chair models with footrests which are necessary and useful for unloading the legs. Finally, look straight in front of the screen, thus avoiding neck tension.

Placing Your Hands Properly

A keyboard is a tool that involves many arm movements. Please place it in such a way as to allow the complete forearm support on the table, keeping the elbows slightly out to relax the shoulders and leave the hands free to move even with speed between the keyboard and the mouse. The ideal supportive chair position allows for a variable opening angle between 90-110° between the shoulder and the forearm resting on the table.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chair

People ​​spend around 80,000 hours sitting at the workstations. Do not forget about the hours we spend seated during our free time, and you receive a total of 12-14 hours of sitting a day. Why is a perfect chair for your need an essential upgrade of your comfort during work or study? Heavy repercussions on our body are inevitable companions of seated work. Most people do not keep their postures. The consequence is that 80% of the inhabitants of Central Europe suffer from back and neck pain. 30% of them 35-50-year-olds. It is better to take action now and avoid future problems.

Smart solutions require advice. Kulik System adjustable office chair is solid, constructed using modern materials, and according to the latest safety and well-being standards. We offer professional help and are always glad to instruct you on every step of your journey.

Necessary Set of Adjustments

Adjustment mechanisms allow you to work at the right distance from the table and keyboard, facilitating the support of legs and arms. The comfortable computer chair should include:

  • possibility of adjusting the seat height;
  • high backrest regulable in dimensions;
  • inclination angle regulation;
  • lumbar cushion for the spine control and relieving;
  • armrests regulable in height as well as turn angle;
  • 360° swivel base.

Always choose the office chair with lumbar support. Besides, try it out before the purchase. Your thighs must rest completely on the seat, the knees should be bent at 90°, and your feet should be placed completely on the ground. Having a footrest will help if adjusting the height is not enough. All people are built differently. Ergonomic computer chairs solve the problem and guarantee solutions suitable for all.

How to Choose the Best Chair

Welcome to our ergonomic superstore for office furnishings. Our model and price range will satisfy various clients: young gamers, teenagers, high-position managers, and freelancers who care for comfort. Design is equally important to us — all the chairs we offer can be customized based on your chosen style. How do you choose a chair that will serve you for long

  • Please take into account the tasks you perform daily and how many hours they require.
  • Measure your weight and height and correlate them with the product description.
  • Choose the model with the maximum functionality/settings that fit your price preferences.
  • Arrange a large workspace with cushioned seats in task chairs.

There are models of different price categories in our online store — from budget to luxury options. Buy an ergonomic task chair upholstered in natural or eco-leather for the office head. Leather upholstery is more stylish, strong, with high heat transfer. The characteristics of the chair must contain information about strength tests. Pay attention to such a parameter as the maximum load because the chair is a product that is regularly and often used at home or in the office. Besides, Kulik System chairs have soft wheels that will not scratch the floor surface.