Production technology

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The Ccompany KULIK SYSTEM is a multilevel enterprise with a powerful intellectual base and high-tech production, whose actions are brought to perfect automatism. Developing a general scheme, the company’s specialists provided for any of the possible interaction options with customers and partners, having approved the credo of KULIK SYSTEM as a recognized leader in its field.

One of the most important directions is the KULIK SYSTEM clinic, where the main concept was created: the concept of support, correction, and reduction of the load for all zones of the spine. Doctor practitioners, vertebrologists and rehabilitation specialists, based on personal experience and in constant contact with the company’s technologists test and improve the system, making it an invulnerable defender of the spine and the body as a whole.

The KULIK SYSTEM engineering bureau is a gifted team of talented people who are constantly looking for and are sure to find unique opportunities for legitimate development of the company, they are the intellectual center of the whole enterprise.
The indicator of a successful business process is directly related to the technologies and equipment used. At the factory of KULIK SYSTEM ergonomic chairs, in addition to the unique manual finishing, the elite sewing equipment is used. Forming made from elastic polyurethane foam is made on Italian equipment.

The logistics department of KULIK SYSTEM has all the parameters of a modern information center. Specialists responsible for their direction will help minimize costs, which will ensure delivery in the shortest possible time. A careful study of all production cycles allowed the analytical department of the company to deduce a price axiom, the highest bar of which is justified by expensive materials and components, as well as the use of technological achievements in the field of furniture production.

The factory of ergonomic chairs KULIK SYSTEM not only develops and manufactures armchairs of the future but also helps to meet this future with healthy comfort.

Choose the KULIK SYSTEM chairs! Health will never go out of fashion!