Information about the company KULIK SYSTEM

The international company KULIK SYSTEM

- is a state-of-the-art enterprise that, thanks to its colossal experience in the field of ergonomics, a patented control system for all areas of the spine, as well as a high-tech, innovative factory, is today the leader in the exclusive ergonomic chair manufacture. ТМ KULIK SYSTEM® is associated with special comfort, highest quality, as well as an individual approach to each client.

Main values

According to the National Health Statistics of USA, the workspace has a huge impact on human health and well-being. An ergonomic chair not only gives a feeling of comfort to its owner, but also has a beneficial effect on their emotional and physical condition. The ergonomic KULIK SYSTEM® chair provides a smart workplace, which will inspire, give a special working mood, and protect health.

For those who value comfort

Moreover, the chairs created by KULIK SYSTEM® increase efficiency by more than 50% and have no analogues on the world market. The results of scientific research of the world's leading experts in the field of vertebrology indicate that using ergonomic chairs is the best way to avoid back and spine problems.
It is for those people who value the ergonomics of their workplace, care about healthy comfort and want to succeed, our company offers high-quality office chairs with an anatomical effect. They have a special ergonomic design and return the body to its natural comfortable position, properly distributing the load on the spine and adjusting posture.
The KULIK SYSTEM® chair is a reliable assistant to a successful and self-confident person. Sitting in it, it is much easier to win and achieve your goals. Absolutely all of the company's products have been thoroughly tested and have shown the best results in terms of comfort and quality. KULIK SYSTEM® chairs are an excellent combination of innovative technologies, high-quality workmanship and modern design. This is the true path to success and good health!


The desire for comfort is a natural desire of a person. But, while improving your living space, you must first of all create conditions for a qualitative improvement in health. This means not only following the recommendations of doctors, but also using “smart” ergonomic furniture at work and in everyday life.

The human body is perfection and its the anatomical possibilities are amazing. For example, our spine has the ability to withstand stress and pressure. But by the age of 30-35, this genetically inherent ability gets exhausted since we are not used to monitoring the correct posture and evenly distributing the load on the spine. Taking this into account, the specialists of the KULIK SYSTEM company have developed a unique design of an ergonomic orthopedic chair, which follows the natural anatomical body curves and corrects the posture without the need of your self-control.

There are many directions for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, for instance, a special program “Culture of the spine” has been developed, which is used in the practice of treatment centers. But the disease is easier and more economical to prevent - the specialists of the KULIK SYSTEM® company are sure of this. This is why they have developed armchairs and overhead devices that are unique in their intellectual features. Thanks to the special inventions, the chair returns the body to its natural comfortable position, unobtrusively “forcing” the spine to correctly distribute the load. Using many years of experience in professional medicine, conducting a series of experiments, testing and analytical studies, the company's specialists have created a new generation product, the goal of which is your health and recovery.

Each KULIK SYSTEM® chair is as individual as you are. It is our special technological and intelligent approach that guarantees preventive orthorelaxation and preserves natural flexibility and functionality of your spine. Chairs by KULIK SYSTEM® are designed with care for health, well-being, beautiful natural posture and are made in excellent design. The instruction manual for the chairs and devices of the company is your prescription for retaining health.

And remember: "Anyone who wants to be healthy is already recovering!" - G. Boccaccio. Recommended for use by orthopedists and manual therapists. ATTENTION! All KULIK SYSTEM® products are patented and protected by law!