Product warranty

The warranty period for the products is 24 months from the date of purchase. For an additional cost, it is possible to order an extended warranty for 3 and 4 years respectively. Extended warranty XL (3 years) + 10% of the chair cost Extended warranty XXL (4 years) + 20% of the chair cost The warranty covers:

  • mechanisms responsible for adjusting the chair;
  • breakage of the supporting parts of the backrest the and armrests frame;
  • metal parts, namely J-bar, chromed base (cross) and gas lift.

Warranty repair is carried out with clearly filled information about the purchase, indicating the name of the model, the date of sale, the seller company stamp in the Warranty Card. The warranty expires when:

  • There were defects as a result of:
    • mechanical damage;
    • non-observance of operating conditions or incorrect actions of the owner;
    • incorrect transportation, installation.
  • Repair was carried out outside the authorized Service Center.
  • The product does not have a Guarantee coupon and a check.
  • The Warranty Card is filled in part, incorrectly or with corrections without their confirmation by the Seller.

During the warranty period, the defects caused by the manufacturer's fault are fixed at the expense of the authorized Service Center. Delivery of the chair to the service center is carried out at the expense of the buyer. The warranty does not include periodic maintenance, installation, and tuning of the chair.


KULIK SYSTEM is fully responsible for the quality and functioning of the products manufactured. In this regard, we provide both warranty and post-warranty service. Warranty service applies exclusively to factory defects and does not apply to breakdowns that have occurred during non-observance of operating conditions, mechanical damage, shocks, scratches.

In the cases described, we recommend contacting our service center for troubleshooting

Service center
+ 44 203 807 50 05