About the system

The KULIK SYSTEM company is a worldwide leader in the production of ergonomic chairs, has a powerful intellectual base and high-tech production. The main concept of the KULIK SYSTEM chairs is a patented system of support, correction and rehabilitation of the spine, as well as a unique style.

We have been taking care of the health of our clients and creating individual comfort for them for more than 20 years. To do this, we scrupulously studied the structure of the human body, applied the latest technologies in production and created a huge number of models, each of which is designed for specific anatomical parameters, conditions and purposes of use, but all of them have a large number of adjustments and are of high quality.

Products are endowed with the ability to adapt. They take into account the peculiarities of your spine, help you correct your posture and improve your well-being within the first 20 minutes.

All this thanks to the following features:

  • Modern adjustment mechanisms. They can be adjusted according to your weight and height, as well as working conditions. This will help streamline daily processes and increase efficiency.
  • Robust metal construction. It follows the natural curves of your spine and adjusts its shape;
  • 5 well thought-out control zones, which ensure the normal functioning of the whole organism;
  • Special support for the thoracic region, which will allow you to straighten the lungs and normalize the respiratory system;
  • Correct lumbar support. That gives complete relaxation and prevents most back problems;
  • Wear-resistant filler. Polymer cellular elastomer is non-allergenic. It quickly regains its original shape even after a thousand times of use.
  • Air circulation system. It maintains the optimal temperature, prevents overheating and excessive accumulation of moisture;
  • Big range of adjustments. They will help you choose and fix the optimal height and angle of inclination;
  • Comfortable armrests and headrest. These important elements of the chair will relieve tension in the neck and arms.
  • Rrigidity control of the backrest swing and a reliable anti-shock system, which prevents harsh tilts;
  • Unique seat shape. The special indentation reduces the load on the tailbone and reduces the pressure of the body weight. Thanks to this, you will not feel tired even when sitting for a long time;
  • Controlling the correct position of the pelvis, which also stabilizes sitting in the chair and improves blood circulation;
  • Balanced system. It provides support for all parts of the spine and relieves stress

Kulik System chairs can:

  • Increase the productivity by more than 50%
  • Improve overall health and emotional state;
  • Increase mental and physical activity;
  • Correct posture and prevent most diseases of the spine;
  • Change the perception of comfort and allow you to fully recuperate

Every centimeter of the chair perfectly fulfills its task and takes care not only of your health, but also of your image

The appearance of the chair is not only a hallmark of your office, but also a sign of good taste. You can customize the design of your future assistant by carefully choosing materials, colors and decorative elements. Just go to the "Constructor" on our website and create a real masterpiece. It doesn't matter which material you choose. It is guaranteed to be durable, safe and pleasant to the touch.

All structural details and materials for upholstery go through several stages of testing before they go to production. Compliance with the comfort and quality of goods is also confirmed by the grateful reviews of our customers and partners. Our clients and art. Achievements with which you can find on the site.

And remember - success starts with health!