Leather Office Chairs

Beautiful leather chairs make any office very presentable, and this is immediately noticed by visitors and business partners. You need to choose such furniture depending on which part of the office it will be installed in.

The most luxurious leather chair should be in the director's office. Models with genuine leather upholstery, orthopedic backs, and comfortable armrests are best suited for the office. The color of the chair doesn't matter. Although furniture in light shades is best suited for a woman leader, men most often choose strict black or dark brown items.

For other office employees, you can buy simpler chairs, but preferably also with orthopedic backs. Such furniture should be both beautiful and convenient for work. High-quality artificial leather can be used as upholstery instead. It is important that it is sturdy as the office chair will be used daily. Therefore, it makes no sense to choose the cheapest models — the upholstery on them will quickly wear out, crack and look unpresentable.

How to Improve Lifespan of Leather Office Chairs?

The very first rule is to buy only high-quality products and forget about purchasing leather computer chairs from an indie-brand or for a suspiciously low price. But even the highest quality chair must be properly taken care of to last a long time and not lose its beauty and presentability. Here are the basic rules from the luxurious office furniture manufacturer, Kulik System:

  • Never use such furniture for other purposes. You cannot climb onto a chair with your legs, stand on the armrests, or swing strongly while sitting. Try not to hang outerwear on the back — its metal fittings can scratch the leather upholstery.
  • Do not place suitcases, boxes, or other heavy items on the seat. If the description of the chair indicates that it can withstand a load of 150 kg, this does not mean that heavy objects can be safely placed on it.

The more carefully you treat leather business chairs, the longer they will last, and you will forget about the costs of purchasing new ones for a long time. It is an investment in the future and a respectable item in your office. Choose a leather chair as you choose a friend, and then do not forget to take keep simple maintenance rules in mind.

How to Choose a Prestigious Leather Chair Wisely

When choosing, consider the following parameters:

  • type of base. The best choice is a mobile chair with a cross base. The more supports the better. The optimal number will be 5 metal supports — they are durable and look modern. Furniture plastic costs and looks cheaper, but in operation, it shows itself not much worse. However, if you buy genuine leather office chairs, you can ruin the impression they give if you choose ones with plastic details.
  • the back must have an anatomical shape, i.e. repeat the curves of the spine, therefore, preference is given to models with a headrest and a roller in the lumbar support zone. The tilt angle of the backrest should be regulable, sometimes the adjustment is carried out simultaneously with the setting of the seat height. Choose ergonomic leather office chairs from Kulik System as they have various adjustment elements.
  • the seat can vary in softness and depth. A hard seat is not the best option for a manager, leave it for the staff chairs. Give preference to medium-hard and soft seats, but this is still a matter of individual preferences;
  • choose the correct depth of the seat: when the back rests, there should be a distance equal to the width of the palm between the end of the seat and the knees. Otherwise, you will either slide or constantly lean on your feet; 
  • armrests and headrest are mandatory attributes of an ergonomic leather chair. An exception is when a separate detail does not fit with the style of the cabinet;
  • casters can be soft or hard. The latter move better on elastic surfaces. If there is a carpet in the office, it is better to choose solid rollers. Many executive chairs have casters;
  • The swing mechanism will also be useful for the chair as it provides better mobility and relaxation.

It is always better best for the future owner to try to sit on a few modern leather office chairs before buying and personally assess how comfortable a particular option is. If you want to make a purchase fully online, you can rely on our managers in terms of consulting you on any aspect of your new future piece of furniture.